Mar 31, 2016
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Grab Creative Mind Teaser & Mind Puzzlers at $6.95 only

by CouponMinus @ MindWare

Be kid on MindTeasers and Mind Puzzlers from the great writer George J.Summers. Step into a vast collection of logic puzzles that offers a number of hints when you are stuck with no idea. Here is a one stop solution from and grab “The Great Book of Mind Teasers and Mind Puzzlers” with 22% Offer.

You can challenge and delight with fun puzzles for all kind of ages and create a step by step solutions for the queries and puzzles. The book consists of 256 black and white pages with illustration thorough out the book.

Original Price: $8.95  great book of puzzles and mind teasers

Offer Price:   $6.95

Savings:  $2


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